A very warm family: Lovely members and

home-liked environment.

Lovely and Helpful member:So Lok-tin (Chair-person), Zhou  Chung-man (Vice chair-person), Ko Yin-shan (Vice chair-person), Chun Hiu-lam (Group Leader), Kwok Pak-yee (Group Leader), Lau Sum-yi (Group Leader). Also,w/ Mr Ching Chi-sum (Teacher   Librarian) & Ms Li Seung-lam (Librarian   Assistant)

In our Library, we would like to make it feel like home. Seating area is provided in the book area with detail decoration.  It is easy to access to all the shelves with sufficient space between them. We provide tables and computers for studying in the self-study area.  


 Our friendly librarians are always approachable to help and answer any questions regarding our books.